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It may not be the first troubleshooting step you take, but it may save you a great deal of time. Graphics drivers are the software that allows your Windows 11 computer to use the machine’s graphics hardware. This is usually in the form of a graphics card.

  • Display Driver Uninstaller will help you completely uninstall AMD, INTEL, NVIDIA Drivers.
  • Instead of doing that, you should check the manufacturer’s website and download updates from there.
  • Once you’ve backed up, you can modify the Windows Registry and reinstall the driver.

You can uninstall the updates and revert your system to a previous setting. That may be the source of your Nvidia driver crashes because these updates replace your properly functioning drivers with faulty ones. Some users even have a more severe problem and see it uninstalls itself after every reboot. If this is too much trouble to you, there is an auto-detect feature on the GeForce website here that you can use instead of the manual search. This will automatically detect your GPU and present you with the latest drivers.

How to remove and reinstall the keyboard driver.

For update operations, returns the value of a path in the update’s $set. Useful for writing getters/setters that can work with both update operations and save(). The object argument must contain type and coordinates properties. Sets the explain option, which makes this query return detailed execution stats instead of the actual query result.

Click theSearch automatically for updated driver softwarebutton. On the Next start, windows install the driver software automatically. Sometimes a driver problem can cause the system to become unstable.

In this way, pressing the “Enter” key or the “OK” button will open the device manager. The drivers for your computer must adapt to the constant changes that their manufacturers make to improve their performance However, older versions accumulate on your hard drive, stealthily occupying considerable space . If you want to reinstall Nvidia graphics driver on your Windows, you can use Driver Booster to get the latest graphics driver easily. Here we will take the uninstallation of a problematic Nvidia graphics driver on Windows 10 as an example.


This might happen due to the lack of a proper keyboard driver. With the below steps, we will be able to replace the missing/corrupted drivers with a new one manually. Do note that the steps in this article should only be performed when you have the exact issue with your devices.

If you own a device that uses a Goodix fingerprint sensor then you might already be familiar with the turmoil. Goodix fingerprint sensors, depending on their make and model have been facing a lot of issues when it comes to compatibility with Windows 11. Some of these issues stem from incompatibility with Windows Hello on Windows 11 while others stem from incompatible drivers. States that have points programs use driver’s license points to track behavior.

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